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Payment gateway integration for funds payin/ payout

Provide a seamless transaction experience for your customers through real-time integrations with payment gateway aggregators, UPI, banks to add or withdraw funds in their trading account. Limits are updated on the NEST platform in real-time that allows users to trade quickly.

Integration with back-office through APIs and staging DB

Simplify your operations activities by integrating your back-office and other related applications with the NEST platform, through APIs or staging databases.

Integration with DPs for e-DIS, e-Pledge

Allow your customers to manage their holdings, without breaking customer experience, through integrations with NSDL and CDSL APIs to mark e-DIS and e-Pledge. Holdings and collateral information is updated in NEST in real-time, according to the response received in the DP APIs.

Integration with CCs for real-time allocation

Manage intraday regulatory reporting and fund allocation with CCs, through integrations with NSCCL and ICCL APIs. The integration allows to define set of criteria that the system should consider, and send proper updates to CC, with an in-built peak margin calculator.

SMS/ E-mail/ WhatsApp integration

Stay connected with your customers and send them relevant and important notifications through various channels from the NEST platform. Notifications can be delivered to your clients, based on trigger criteria or by admins, on their devices and via WhatsApp, SMS, and E-mail Integrations.

Other third-party integrations

Elevate your customers’ trading experience through third-party integrations with the NEST Platform.