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NEST Retail

NEST Retail trading suite gives retail brokers the functionality and performance needed to compete in today's markets

  • Stable and scalable OMS
  • Over 500+ Risk Management Rules
  • Role-based multi-hierarchy setup
  • Feature-rich Desktop, Web and mobile trading interfaces
  • Robust APIs to develop customized front ends and offer differentiated UI/ UX
  • Advanced special orders, synthetic orders
  • Third-party integrations
  • Tools for charting, calculators, analytics

NEST Institutional trading suite gives sell-side institutional brokers superior execution features and capabilities

  • Robust and flexible OMS
  • FIX Integration to support DMA, One-touch, Worked order flows
  • Smart order routing
  • Full suite of execution algorithms compatible with FIX and SOR
  • Risk management at parent and child order level with exchange mandatory checks
  • Multi-leg strategies suite with co-location
  • Parent ticket creation/ management and order routing models
  • Bulk, index, customized basket orders

NEST Managed Services offer Low TCA, monitoring and management of hardware and application, optimized operations, and business continuity, so you can focus on your core business

  • Low TCA through cost optimization
  • Procurement, installation and maintenance of hardware. Deployment, updates and daily operations of application
  • Monitoring, management and support of hardware and application
  • BCP and DR
  • Infrastructure scaling to meet business requirements
  • Load balancing, failover

Feature-rich APIs to develop custom front ends for web, mobile, desktop

  • Develop customized front ends that can seamlessly integrate with trading platform
  • Multiple login modes
  • API request-response calls for all trading functionalities and reports
  • Subscription to streaming updates
  • Connect via single investor mode, dealer mode or admin mode depending on the API
  • Third-party integrations, SSO

Execute directional and multi-leg algorithmic trading strategies

  • Directional execution algos with configurable parameters
  • Strategies for arbitrage, pair trading, jobbing
  • Multi-leg options strategies, hedging strategies based on Greeks
  • Execution modes and completion modes
  • Event trigger parameters
  • Integrated development environment to design and deploy proprietary algorithms

Seamlessly integrate with third party applications with our proven set of APIs and integration tools

  • Payment gateway integration for funds payin/ payout
  • Integration with back-office through APIs and staging DB
  • Integration with DPs for e-DIS, e-Pledge
  • Integration with CCs for real-time allocation
  • SMS/ E-mail/ WhatsApp integration
  • Other third-party integrations

Tailored services to address business requirements and enhance efficiency through on-going support, professional expertise, implementation, development and integration

  • Dedicated support, on-site support services
  • Project management for migration, implementation, go-live
  • Product training

  • Integration projects

Whether you are a large-scale online broker, bank-based broker, traditional retail broker, sell-side institutional desk, NEST can help you

Scale Quickly

Revolutionize your trading experience with NEST Trading Platform. Designed for scalability and unmatched performance.

Massive Throughput Capabilities

Handle ever-increasing volume and complexity of trades with massive throughput capabilities on NEST Trading Platform. Linux-based architecture.

Multi-asset trading

Access multiple asset classes, instruments, exchanges in India through a single trading platform.

Empanelled with all major Indian exchanges

NEST powers trading on exchanges across asset classes


Equity Derivatives

Currency Derivatives

Commodity Derivatives

Mutual Funds


Participation in OFS/IPOs and more