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Develop customized front ends that can seamlessly integrate with trading platform

Choose from a range of programming languages of NEST APIs, including REST, C++, Java, .Net, to build custom front ends, tools and seamlessly integrate with the NEST trading platform.

Consult with our team to help you identify the best tools to suit your business needs and requirements and implement best practices during development on NEST APIs.

API request-response calls for all trading functionalities and reports

Request-response mechanism to perform all major trading functionalities, such as login, placing orders with advanced conditions, placing requests for mutual funds, IPO/ OFS, creating E-SIPs, retrieving watchlists, reports for orders, trades, holdings, positions, limits available and utilized, and more.

Third-party integrations, SSO

Integrate with third-party applications and services using NEST APIs, available in a range of programming languages, to provide a complete and elevated trading experience to your users.

Leverage NEST SSO Integration APIs to call other non-trading applications or services, such as back-office, portfolio management, analytics services etc. via single sign-on with session management. Perform handshake using encryption to ensure security of connections.

Connect via single investor mode, dealer mode or admin mode depending on the API

Connect to the NEST platform through front ends and applications built for users with investor client or dealer or admin privilege, depending on the type of NEST API used.

Multiple login modes

Access NEST application through various login modes, suited to your workflows.

Subscription to streaming updates

Subscribe to streaming updates for market data, orders, trades and more, to consume and display real-time updates on your applications.