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NEST Retail

Order Management Systems (OMS)

Access a fully integrated ecosystem for securities that supports trading in multiple asset classes with exceptional throughput and scalability capabilities.

Invest, trade and participate seamlessly in equities, stock and index futures and options and spreads, currency derivatives and IRF, commodity derivatives, mutual funds, SLBM, IPO, OFS and more.

Risk Management Systems (RMS)

Manage pre-trade risk in line and before an order is placed on the exchange with over 500 risk management rules. Create risk profiles/ categories for different type of clients/ users and apply categories to multiple users/ clients and levels.

Set up triggers to generate warnings, breach alerts, based on various criteria and square-off positions automatically.

NEST Trader (Desktop application)

Enhance your trading operations with a robust trading terminal that connects to a powerful backend server to view real-time market data, perform analysis using charts and other tools, execute orders and facilitate trading through various functionalities, view various trading and risk reports, and much more.

Single platform that caters to admin users, branch admins, dealers, online investors and traders, risk managers based on role and user privilege.

NEST Express5
(Web trading portal)

Deploy your online trading website with our browser-based interface. The platform allows brokers to introduce their own branding and other rich content.

Mobile Trading app

Trade from anywhere with your mobile device.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Innovate and customize your front ends and customer experience using NEST APIs, available in Rest, .Net, C++ and Java.

Advanced special orders, synthetic orders

Cover Order

Place both the main order and the stop-loss order in a single click.

Bracket Order

Place a special three-leg order type in a single click: main, stop-loss and profit-taking order.


Place long-standing orders with good-till-cancel and good-till-date conditions.

Equity SIP

Buy and sell equity instruments that are traded on various exchanges on a periodic basis, as selected by the user from available options.

Basket Orders

Place multiple buy and sell orders at one go with multiple combinations of scrips, instruments, order types, product types, advanced order conditions.

Trigger Orders

Place orders with conditions that are released in the market based on the trigger criteria defined.

Customized Baskets

Place orders with conditions that are released in the market based on the trigger criteria defined.

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

Discover the best price across different exchanges and then route the order to the exchange with best execution.

Third-party integrations

Access reports, perform transactions through third-party integrations using APIs and SSO.

Import/ export updates to/ from the trading platform and other third-party applications during market trading hours.

Tools for charting, calculators, analytics

Gain insights and made better trading decisions through various tools for advanced charting, market scanners and alerts, and calculators.

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